Hello, my name is Jayda Ivy.

I am a nursing student, twin mom, and an entrepreneur. I love to travel and capture the best moments in photographs. I've been blogging for about 4 years, but I've recently redesigned my blog to reflect my love for my sons, beauty & skincare, my home, and wellness.

After Hurricanes Irma & Maria, I traveled alone to Canada with my twins. During one flight, a pregnant woman told me that I am an inspiration and should write a book! I guess I was handling the stress pretty well, but my kids were also really helpful in that. Motherhood doesn't come as easily as we may expect and I'm definitely no seasoned professional, but it sure helps to have someone to lean on for guidance. I hope to use my blog and social media influence to inspire other moms, especially twin moms, with my insights on motherhood, wellness, and life! 

-jayda ivy