5 Great Gifts for Babies


Another great post from last year that I wanted to share!!

Fact: babies are NOT going to remember their first Christmas. It's definitely special to save memories of their first Christmas, but there's no need to go all out with special gifts from Santa. They can't even open gifts for goodness sakes!

So, my mom and my grandmother and some of my girlfriends have been asking me what the boys need and what they should get the boys for Christmas. I wanted to share some ideas that are unique, but also long–lasting, which is important when gifting to a baby that won't remember this Christmas. 

1. Gold Coins


Gold coins are a great investment and a great gift tradition to start with a young loved one. This is what my mum decided to get the boys for Christmas and I can't wait to see their collection grow! 

2. A book about the true meaning of Christmas


A great tradition is to read the true meaning of Christmas from baby's very first Christmas. You don't want to start a tradition all of a sudden when they're six years old. The gift of the story of the true meaning of Christmas is straight from the heart.

3. A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)


A gift that the baby won't understand for a while, but the parents will be very grateful for. When they're 18 and off to college, you'll be a superhero for this one!

4. A Piggy Bank


Encourage baby to save from the start. You can even have a personalized piggy bank made on Etsy. (I l–o–v–e Etsy).

5. A personalized name puzzle stool


One of my favourite gifts that I still have from when I was a baby (except mine spells *Jaida* and my sister lost one of the a's...). I gifted one to my best friend's son last year and I bet he'll have it for a really long time. It's one of the absolute sweetest gifts and kids keep them forever and always remember who gave it to them! You can also get these on Etsy or search on Facebook for people that make them locally.

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