All Natural Baby Medicine


It’s definitely no secret that my boys have been really sick since starting daycare. It’s fever then cough back and forth to each other constantly. Sometimes one has the worst symptoms, then they each have a little, then the other has everything. It’s a wonder I haven’t gotten sick yet because all of this stress has definitely taken a toll on my body. #TeamNoSleep

Their poor little bodies are just NOT strong enough to be fighting these ailments.

There really aren’t many medicines for babies under 2 on the market for cough. Most of them are too high doses for their small organs and many cough suppressants also cause drowsiness and may not be safe for babies (this isn’t a pharmacology lesson, I’m just letting you know).

But I actually found the most amazing cough medicine for babies 1+. Not only is it a cough medicine, it’s natural. You know how much I love natural!

It’s called Zarbee’s. The boys love it because it’s really just a sweet snack in a syringe. I love giving this to my kids. It helps their coughs & soothes their throats, and it’s natural. It’s honey!

The only reason it can’t be given under 1 is because honey contains small amounts of clostridium botulinum, which can be a toxic bacteria that can harm a baby, but my boys are almost 18 months old now and this has really helped relieve their coughs. Zarbee’s should be a household staple.