Beauty Fades, Intelligence is Forever...

Here is my list of books I have put in my iBooks ready to read in 2019. I’m a busy solo mama of two baby boys, a nursing student, a teacher, and a skincare consultant, but I know and understand the importance of reading.

Every night before we go to bed, I read at least 3 chapters of the Bible to my boys. I want them to grow up living through scripture. I do my own devotionals and gratitude journaling in the morning whenever I get a chance - while the boys are eating breakfast, before they’re awake, during their morning nap… whenever. Scripture is so important and is the cornerstone of our lives. If you read 3 chapters a day every day for a year, you will have read the entire Bible in one year and I think that’s an absolutely beautiful thing to raise my sons on.

Personal development and business development books are really important as well. It’s so easy to get busy, unmotivated, and inconsistent with your goals, habits, and business ventures. Whether you’re going through hard times or want to strive for more, listening to audiobooks or reading the paperback of a personal/business development book can be a great thing for you.

Another important genre to me is philosophy. I love reading Plato & Aristotle. I downloaded all of their works on my iPad and that’s a heavy goal I've set for myself. The first time I ever read Plato was in a university critical thinking course and it truly changed the way I look at how governments function and how we move throughout the world. If you’ve never read it, Plato’s Republic is a great book.