Cloth Diapers Are Disgusting & This is Why I L♥VE & HATE Them! | Cloth Diaper Series


Cloth diapers are something that seem to TERRIFY people! But cloth diapering does NOT mean that you have to wash poop with your hands! There are so many incredible, life-changing, environment-loving options that we are being offered and to NOT take advantage of it is pure ignorance.

Mainly while I was in Canada, we had the privilege of using cloth diapers every day and I really feel that we made a dent in our personal damage to the environment.

Why I Don’t Use Cloth Diapers Anymore

I'm gonna rationalize with the haters and tell you exactly why I don't use cloth diapers anymore :( Even though I really hate that I can't, I do believe that it is not realistic for our family's lifestyle. 

1. Cistern Life

We use rain water and I have to ration. I shouldn't wash laundry every other day like I could while we were in Canada...

2. No Hot Water

My washing machine doesn't have a hot water hookup so I literally have to boil water and add it to the load to get it piping hot the way I need it to be for the cloth diapers!


3. Too Much Poop

My sons EACH poop at least 3 times a day and we lost a piece of the toilet hose in the mail - meaning me, myself, my hands, and the sink had a minimum of 6 dates a day.

4. Nighttime Wetness

Two cloth diapers don't last them through the night (even when we double liners), anymore... The boys are really in between sizes as well, so this could have something to do with it. But in the night, they wake up because they're wet! Waking up any more than 4 times makes me miserable the following day and I need my sanity.

5. Oops! The Wrong Soap!

The detergent I was using at one point (in Canada) gave them severe rashes and made me feel so guilty and mortified!!! I have an allergy to a certain type of soap and I guess I just used the wrong brand for my little babies' bums. It was pretty bad...

We used the diapers pretty much exclusively up until 8 or 9 months old and I'm really satisfied with that! It's just not realistic anymore, but I'm glad I did get to stick to it for a while!

There are so many reasons I love cloth diapers. Here are a few:


1. Diapers are in NO WAY Sustainable

Did you know that a disposable diaper remains on Earth for over 500 years? How many generations is that?! I hate to think that things we use for 2 hours will stay in a landfill on Earth for so long after we're gone.

2. Again: cloth diapering does not mean that you have to wash poop with your hands!

You don't have to use the cloth insert, you can get flushable and compostable inserts!! Just wash the fabric diaper "shell" and flush or compost the rest! You can also get a hose that attaches to your toilet and just spray down the dirty insert and flush!

3. Never Run Out!

I have actually run out of disposable diapers before because I thought there were more in the closet and it was such a relief to just grab a cloth diaper. Even though we don't use them every day anymore, they're still awesome to have on hand for so many situations. Even if a friend is over and needs a diaper - I always have diapers in ALL sizes! 

4. Great for Babies with Allergies

They're amazing for if your baby has a reaction to disposable diapers! A lot of babies are allergic to disposable diapers - ALLERGIC! That was a huge turn-off for me. I did not want to be using something full of chemicals on my little babies' bums that will never even truly dispose. Cloth diapers are the way to go!

5. gDiapers Are Awesome!

Make sure you check them out. I've looked at other brands and they are just not the same. Plus, they're totally hand-me-down friendly (thanks, Tara!). There's so many reasons I love gDiapers, so I'll write post about that later!