Raising Healthy Eaters


I just posted this on my IG story and got a ton of feedback in only a few minutes about how my rugrats eat so well. I was honestly more concerned about sharing the one bowl than its contents, but I decided to share the advice I gave publicly! So here’s my advice to all moms and anyone raising or helping to raise toddlers who are extremely picky eaters!!

Ditch the junk food… today!

Honestly, it is so easy to train their palate. Throw out all the junk in your house because if he knows it’s there, that’s all he’ll want. Throw it all out ONE TIME because it’ll make the point in your mind that it’s worthless & you will make the effort not to buy more and to shop more consciously.

No more wrappers

Replace anything that has a wrapper with bananas, oranges, apples, tangerines, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple grapes, and berries. Wrappers to me mean processed.

shop consciously

Stores also have precut fruits that are very convenient to busy moms. When you shop, always shop the outskirts of the store: produce and meats. Replace dairy with coconut milk and almond milk alternatives.


Only feed him at certain times based on routine instead of the clock: breakfast after getting dressed, snack after play, reading after snack, lunch before nap, snack after nap, dinner before bath. This trains their brains to expect & anticipate food at certain times, which makes it easier to serve them and not get totally ignored or worse: tantrum.

Lead by example

Always sit down together to eat. Kids rarely listen to instruction, instead they pick up habits and follow along.

always have something a little prepped

Lately, when my twins nap I start to prep dinner. That way it’s on time, it’s not too hot, and I don’t need to grab something unhealthy on the fly. Today, it’s curry chicken and rice. They’re napping while I write this and I prepped the chicken yesterday so I’ll go prep their meal and that way when they’re done playing this afternoon we can have curry chicken and rice quickly. I also try to never microwave their food because microwaves kill living nutrients and I consider their food to be fuel to their growth & development.

“He’s still picky!”

Of course, some foods he’ll like more than others and when that happens, let it. If he prefers bananas this week, buy extra bananas! Next week he might change his mind and eat lots of grapes or tangerines. Whatever he asks for, if it’s good for him let him have it. If you eliminate the junk food, he won’t ask for it!