Leaving Your Baggage in 2018

So yesterday I posted about making New Years resolutions. Today, I wanted to go back to the stuff we’re NOT supposed to dwell on. Let’s close those doors.

Here’s what we’re gonna leave in 2018:

Leaving your baggage in 2018.png
  • Fake friends YES

  • Social media frauds YES

  • Bad habits YES

  • Toxic relationships YES

  • Grudges

  • Doubts

  • Exes

  • Your weaknesses

May seem easier said than done, but it’s pretty simple. First, you’re going to scroll through your social media friends and DELETE everyone you’re not actually friends with. You’re going to scroll through your cell phone contacts and BLOCK your exes and fake friends. I’m serious, BLOCK the people that don’t add any good to your life. You’re going to write down anyone and anything that is toxic in your life. Some examples: grabbing your phone in the middle of the night, too much caffeine, bad foods, streaming services. Now, you’re going to make a game plan and remove those bad habits & toxic relationships. Example: buy a REAL alarm clock, don’t buy coffee anymore, throw OUT the junk food, and cancel your subscriptions. Next, you’re going to write down a list of your grudges and doubts and burn it. Literally, burn it. They’re all in your head. Now, make a list of the people you love, your accomplishments, your optimism for 2019, and boast about YOU! Put it on your fridge or right on your bathroom mirror so that you can see it every morning. And lastly, your weaknesses. Nobody ever achieved their greatest accomplishment by strengthening their biggest weakness. Write down your STRENGTHS versus your WEAKNESSES. The strengths: STRENGTHEN THOSE! The weaknesses: hire someone else. Literally, pay someone else to do the things you’re weak at and get even better at the things you’re strong at. If you become strong at your strengths, it’ll make you an expert. Follow that path!

I truly love you all for your support and following these past few months. May God bless your 2019 with the most amazing blessings.

You will never be able to imagine your future because God has even better in store!!!!