My Fave Pregnancy Tips

Here's what I did during my pregnancy. I realize now how grateful I am that I did these 7 things.

I washed, folded, and organized the boys' clothes by month (Preemie to 2T) when I was about 7 months pregnant.

I washed, folded, and organized the boys' clothes by month (Preemie to 2T) when I was about 7 months pregnant.

1. Nest

Get ready, mama! Let yourself nest, buy whatever you want, and stockpile if you want to. It's better to be prepared/have too much than to panic when you need something. I seriously have my babies growing into 6 month clothes right now and my mom brought an entire suitcase from Las Vegas of 6 month clothes that I bought while I was pregnant. I can't tell you how grateful I am that I don't have to go out shopping for baby clothes right now! Also, shopping online is soooo much easier! I only went to Babies R Us once and never stepped foot in Buy Buy Baby, Carter's, or any other baby store. Online shopping was easy, quick, and to-the-point. It also helped to shop at the end of another season. So, I knew my boys were going to be in 6M in December, so in March when all the winter clothes were on sale I bought 6M winter clothes in bulk. I got them hats, boots, sweaters, jackets, and coveralls all at the end of season on sale during a sale so I got things super cheap and way ahead of time ;)
*See my baby nesting list for help :)

2. Wake up at 4am

So, this is a really important tip for pregnant women. Your body is waking up at 4am (or whatever time/s in the middle of the night) because you're preparing to have a baby or babies that will be waking up to eat at that time. If you get up, walk around, maybe go sit in the living room away from your significant other and read a book or listen to music, you'll appreciate it later because your body won't be in sudden shock waking up at strange hours.

My gender reveal!

My gender reveal!

3. Have other people take lots of pictures

If you're anything like me, you are going to seriously miss your belly! I barely remember what it was like wondering what my babies would look like and be like, but I have lots of videos of them kicking around inside. I knew who was who before they were even born and I loved them so much. But what I don't have a lot of are pictures of me that other people took. I have selfies, photos in the mirror, and videos looking down at my belly, but really not many photos of me and my big ol' belly! I'm really quite nervous asking people to take pictures of me, but I wish that every day I had asked someone else to take a picture of my big twin belly!

4. Eat right

From my experience, you don't need to cave in to your bad cravings. I swapped a lot of cravings for healthy foods or smaller portions. When I had cravings, such as a whole chocolate bar (or seven, I probably would've eaten seven...) I swapped that for three or four dark chocolate chips. It satisfied my craving, but I can't eat dark chocolate the way I can eat a chocolate bar. It's also important to maintain a structured diet and not eat too much. Yes, I was eating for three, but that didn't mean I needed to up my calorie count to something crazy. I didn't have much room for food, but I made sure to add 300 calories per baby to my regular diet in my 2nd and 3rd trimester. I eat about 1500 calories a day so I struggled to eat 2100 calories per day, I found I really needed to push myself or find things I liked. I loved organic frozen wild blueberries! I ate those by the bag and they really helped to keep me full and full of nutrients!

2 months pregnant at the gym

2 months pregnant at the gym

5. Workout

This is simple, you don't have to overdo it - walk, shop, stretch, squat. Did you know a baby takes 50% of your oxygen? Try carrying two. Working out becomes a lot more difficult, but you'll be thankful you did.

6. Love your doctor!

Best decision I ever made was going to Vegas to have my boys. It was tough being away from home and having to leave school halfway through the semester - which means I'm now a year behin! But let me tell you - I had Las Vegas's BEST obstetrician. If I'm 100% honest, I believe if I had stayed in the VI I would've had a c-section and/or Stefon may not be alive today. I owe so much to Dr. Wilkes and to my mom for a safe, healthy, comfortable, successful natural delivery.

7. Live with no expectations

Birth plans are great to discuss with your doctor early on in your pregnancy in order to make your wishes and concerns known. Knowing that you absolutely do not want pitocin or an episiotomy are important things for your obstetrician to be aware of. But don't be too headstrong. Know that the more relaxed you are about the outcome, the better the outcome will be.