The 7 Deadly Sins of Store-Bought Juices


I post my homemade orange juice on Instagram every now and then. I have a great glass carafe from Amazon that I squeeze the juice right into using my OXO citrus juicer (I’m an OXO addict). The OXO juicer actually fits right on the carafe so perfectly! Then I just leave the juice in the fridge and the carafe has a lid. The juice barely lasts! The boys love fresh-squeezed orange juice more than anything else. I add a little bit of water to rinse the sides of the carafe, but I don’t add any sugar, chemicals, or dyes.

My friends always tell me that it’s “too much work” and that store-bought juices come from the same oranges. I take those responses as a call to action and I feel I have a particular responsibility as a mom and a nursing student to share the reason I make my own homemade juices. I eat a lot of organic foods and use a lot of organic products and because of that a lot of people stick their nose up at me as if I choose organic because I have the money rather than for the health of my family. I just want to protect my kiddos’ little bodies, ok? There’s a lot of horrible things in our store-bought juices, I broke it down to 7…

  1. SUGAR

    You knew this was coming. Yes, it’s sugar. Anything with added sugar is bad, especially processed and refined sugar. Boom, deadly sin. Sugar is almost like a long-term body slower-downer. There are different facts all over the place about what sugar does to your body, so you can pick your poison for yourself. But it is definitely an addictive substance that your body has no need or use of. An even deeper question on sugar is that OJ is sweet on its own, why do we need to add so much sugar to make it sweet?


    Daeration. Yes, this is a real word. When oranges are in season, farmers (lol, I know better than that, but we’ll go with it…) pick and squeeze the oranges, then store them in deoxygenated tanks for up to a year. The juice effectively loses most of its flavor, so each brand will add its proprietary blend of fragrances and oils. So you’re drinking fragrance, not juice. Cool with you? Not me. Not when squeezing juice literally takes me 10 minutes max.

  3. TASTE

    Store-bought orange juice doesn’t even taste like orange juice. What does that mean for your taste buds? You are conditioning your body to enjoy and prefer artificial flavors, which is a dangerous habit with life-long health consequences. And all you were trying to do was get that extra dose of vitamin C! (which you can do with a real orange…)


    Orange juice on its own is extremely healthy and beneficial to you, but adding anything past water can actually increase harm being done to your body so are the benefits even effective? OJ is full of vitamins and nutrients, it cleans your body, prevents diseases, increases circulation, reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and balances cholesterol levels. Come on, this stuff is good for you! But when it’s bottled with an expiration date over a month away, it’s full of chemicals that not only counteract those nutrients, but a lot of those “nutrients” had to be re-added synthetically because of all the processing done to get the juice in the bottle in the first place!


    Store-bought OJ usually has no fiber listed in nutrition facts. There is the most amounts of fiber in a raw orange, but there is still fiber in its pressed juice. So where’d the fiber go in the bottled juice? Fiber almost always goes hand-in-hand with colon and that’s because fiber cleans out your digestive system by scraping along the walls of your insides like a magic eraser and bringing it all out in your #2. Fiber, people! It’s good for you!

  6. it is POWDER

    “From concentrate” means that all of the water was sucked out of the juice (dehydrated), which turned it into a dry powder and then when the juice company was ready to bottle up their juice, they added water. So you’re drinking water and powdered dehydrated orange, not FRESH orange juice full of nutrients and no processing.

  7. so much processing

    The process alone in a lot of our nutrition resources would scare any educated consumer. Would you eat food cooked by a chef that picks his nose? Probably not. Well, dirty is what dirty does. The entire process of picking the orange all the way to eating the orange may take a few weeks. But the process of the orange to the bottled juice is much longer, many more machines involved, longer time since the fruit was picked, many more hands touched, many more possible contaminants, many more lost nutrients. And always remember that the fresher and more local your fruit is, the more health benefits you get because the fruit is responding to the environment and so is your body, so the closer in sync they can be, the better!

If just one person benefits from this post, I will be so grateful. If just one person starts to squeeze their own fresh juices at home it’s super easy and I will be so happy to change just one home with REAL JUICE! Aha.